Affiliate Information

Did you know that you could earn commission by simply promoting our store and products to others? Perhaps you have your own website, an active social media presence or write the occasional blog from time to time and would like to earn some additional income?

We are pleased to offer website owners, bloggers and entrepreneurs from around the world an opportunity to join our affiliate programme. As an affiliate partner, the more you promote our products and store, the more money you can earn! Our affiliate programme is completely free, and only requires a few minutes to join. Once registered, you can begin earning commission with minimal effort.

Our affiliate programme is available exclusively on the Paid on Results affiliate network and is currently open to new members. Please click here if you are interested in joining or would like further information.

Please note: We do not allow the use of fake reviews, promotions or discount vouchers to lure visitors to our store. Anyone using such deceitful methods will be banned from our programme.